The New World Tapestry

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cene Three
    1607-08 PANEL



One who attended the elaborate funeral of Sir John Popham and took part in the service back in England is Dr Matthew Sutcliffe, Chaplain to King James and a bigoted, puritan-minded Catholic hater. In 1588 Sutcliffe was Dean of Exeter Cathedral and he appears here standing alongside one of the Cathedral’s stone bosses and holding a money bag marked £20, his known investment in the Plymouth Adventurers Company. Also, not only is he interested in that Company’s affairs but the London Virginia’s too, plus being a member of the general governing council.


Sir Richard Champernoune of Modbury that hilly little town in South Devon that contains the delightful Exeter Inn, shown here, is another of Popham’s sons-in-law, having married Sir John’s daughter Elizabeth.. Sir Richard is also a Plymouth Company backer and active colonist and as such is involved with the exploration at Sagadahoc. There, small parties go off in boats from the main ships with Shetwarroes acting as interpreter to establish friendly relations with the local tribes. They succeed. Meanwhile the rest of the settlers buckle down to building their fort and name it Fort St George.

tapestry photo 1607-08 scene three pic

GREAT WILLOWHERB Epilobiam angustifolium .  ‘The smoke of the burned herbe driveth away serpents and killeth flies in the house which Pliny speaketh of ….’Gerard


DOVESFOOT Geranium molle. Used as a vulnerary.’ A very gentle, though Martial plant’  Culpeper

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