The New World Tapestry

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*NEW* Bristol Berkeley Plantation 1619 Panel

The Bristol Berkeley Plantation 1619 Panel is the new, separate panel that has been designed by Tom Mor.
It depicts the story of how Richard Berkeley and three other adventurers from the Bristol/Berkeley area became patrons with Sir George Yeardley, Governor of Virginia, in a venture to set up a new colony near Jamestown in Virginia in 1619, called the Berkeley Hundred Plantation. 
Today, as will be featured in Scene Five of the tapestry, the Berkeley Plantation still exists.  The Berkeley Plantation is one of the historic sites of America for, standing its grounds is the grand mansion of the later owner Benjamin Harrison, signatory of the Declaration of Independence.
Scene Two is designed not only for including in the main 11ft x 4 ft canvas (with a smaller tapestry kit planned), but as an Educational Project for Schools and as a Tourist Trail.
The Tapestry trail starts at The Nails where Richard Berkeley is shown hiring the ship Margaret from its owner, Bristol merchant Edward Williams. 
Next a visit to the old walls to locate the statues of Bristol's legendary founders Brennus and Benilus then view the coat-of-arms of the merchant adventurers to be found nearby.
Following this trail leads from the old Stag and Hounds and on to the treasures to be found in the Red Lodge Museum and to admire its Elizabethan-style Knot Garden.
Research is required into the history of Stoke Park, once owned by Richard Berkeley whilst those wanting information on the herbal remedies of Lung-Wort, Runner Bean and Currant can look it up on the New World Tapestry to complete their project.  

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