The New World Tapestry

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cene Three
         1586 PANEL


Word gets back to Governor Lane from friendly Indians warning him that some tribes are preparing to go on the warpath to wipe the settlement out so, to pre-empt them by making a show of force he decides to attack one of the villages by night.

Creeping through the undergrowth he leads a strong party to attack the village of Dasemonkepuc then, rushing in, firing their muskets and pistols they surprise the Indians as they sit around the camp fire.

In the slaughter and mayhem that follows the Chief and many of his braves are killed. Nevertheless the murderous act proves to be an absolute disaster for both sides for Lane and his men have made an unbelievably bad mistake.

They have attacked a friendly village! Now as the news spreads like wildfire even those native Americans who had had friendly relations with the adventurers will not trust them again.

Captain George Raymond is reputed to come from Weymouth in Dorset. (The arms shown here for him are those of his kin, the Raymonds of Sidbury in Devon just ten horseback miles from Weymouth). He has been a privateer and Captain of the Lion, a vessel from Chichester. Raymond will not stay in Roanoke but will continue his licensed piracy in the Indies after returning to England.

tapestry photo 1586 scene three

BROAD LEAVED DOCK   Rumex obtusifolius.  Workers in ironstone quarries who developed a peculiar sore on their forearms would rub the freshly cut surface of a dock root on the sore every third day until it was cured.

COLUMBINE   Aquilegia caerulea.  ‘Not withstanding what temperature or virtues Columbines have is not yet sufficiently known’. Gerard.

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