The New World Tapestry

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cene Two
         1586 PANEL


The Roanoke  Indians watch with ever growing apprehension the developments at Fort Raleigh whilst also keeping track of Governor Lane and some of the settlers as they go out in their boats to survey land on either side of the Chowan and Maratue rivers.

These expeditions research in considerable detail the flora and fauna of the region noting in particular the fruits and berries that can be harvested to sustain settlement together with the abundance of game to fill their cooking pots and furs to wear or trade back home. The area is carefully mapped too, not only for future navigational purposes but hopefully to identify sources of minerals, for Lane has amongst his men mineralogists especially looking for gold and silver deposits. In the latter they are disappointed, as are the treasure seekers amongst the colonist adventurers but they do find copper and take finds back to the fort for examination and onward transmission to England to please their backers.

By their activities the English show that they intend to stay at Roanoke and the natives now realise that further expansion will soon follow. So they call a big meeting of tribes to discuss the threat that the invaders pose to their way of life. However though they cannot reach a majority agreement on how to deal with the aliens some of the tribes as shown here, begin to arm themselves with the intention of exterminating the menace once and for all.

Sir John Harris is named at the top of this scene and his arms shown. He comes from Radford, Plymstock near Plymouth and is another adventurer in the expedition hoping to make his fortune. He will be disappointed.

tapestry photo 1586 scene two

PARSLEY  Petroselinum crispum.  According to legend parsley should always be sown on a Good Friday.

CROSSWORT  Cruciata.  ‘Crosswort hath an excellent propertie to heale, joine, and close wounds together’. Gerard.

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