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cene Two
         1606 PANEL

In the delightful village of Manuden  in Essex in Eastern England is this house, called The Maltings. The two butterflies fluttering by on either side are, left the female Gatekeeper and right, the male Common Blue.


The Lord of the Manor of Manuden is Sir William Wade (or Waad). Nationally he is very important, being the Lieutenant Governor of London’s fortress the Tower of London and the man who so recently supervised the torture of Guy Fawkes in its dungeons, forcing him to reveal the names of his fellow conspirators, thus sealing their fate. Now Sir William plans to have mural inscriptions made in the Queen’s House in the Tower recording the Gunpowder Plot events and naming all the traitors involved. In the Jamestown story Wade features in the embryo London Virginia Company as a council member, as his dark red  colour coded name label indicates.


In St Andrew’s Street in Plymouth is the imposing house of Captain William Parker. Pictured nearby are Sassacomit and Amoret, the two Indians kidnapped by Captain George Waymouth last year from the coast of Maine and given as presents to Sir John Popham to use as guides in future colonising expeditions in Virginia. They are wondering why two miscreants who have been put into the stocks for minor crimes are both one legged. Or are they? Sir John Popham is shown into Parker’s House but first note Parker’s colour-coded name label. Green tells you that he is a Plymothian, the red section that he fought in the battle against the Spanish Armada in 1588 and the pale blue background denotes that he is a member of the Plymouth Adventurers Company. Ship owner, privateer (licensed pirate!) red headed scourge of the Spanish Main, Parker captured Puerto de Caballos in the Honduras in 1591 than a second time in 1595 and Campeche in Mexico. In 1601 with five little ships he captured Porto Bello itself in a raid worthy of Drake before returning to Plymouth with his booty and becoming Mayor of the town in 1602. Now, today, he is shown welcoming Sir John Popham and other leading Company Adventurers to his home. Here they will finalise plans for their Virginia colony and confirm Captain George Popham, Sir John’s brother to be its President.


tapestry photo 1606 scene two

LEMON BALM  Melissa officinalis.  Baume drunke in wine is good against the bitings of venomous beasts. Gerard


RED CAMPION Melandrium rubrum.  Or BATCHELOR’S BUTTONS. The double flowers resembling the jagged cloath buttons anciently worne in this kingdom. Gerard


BUGLOSS Anchusa arvensis.  It is used in ointments for women’s paintings: and the leaves drunk in wine is good against the laske. Gerard


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